Keep a close watch on your system's health


Maintenance for a system with tens, hundreds or thousands of devices is difficult, time consuming and costly. Moreover, keeping track of the performance of individual devices can be a laborsome or near impossible task.


However, at ICD, we offer a solution that can track the working status, or ‘health’ status, of many security & IT devices on one, easy to manage platform.




The Solution


Our System HealthWatch solution enables end-users to simultaneously track and analyze the status of a large number of hardware devices, regardless of device location and brand. System 'health’ issues monitored include:

  • UPS health status, including unexpected main power loss. 

  • Hardware system status (such as full storage and hard disk status)

  • Surveillance NVR recording status

  • Camera connection status

  • IT switch status

  • RAID stability status, and much more

If an issue is detected, it is recorded in the software and an alarm notification is immediately sent to the administrator via a pop up message, email or SMS. Customized reports can be generated with statistical analysis to help the end-user identify potential problems and the root cause of a technical issue.









Proactive, preventative maintenance

Identify problems early, take action quickly and prevent more serious issues occurring later, keeping your systems healthy and your sites safe and secure

Real-time notifications

Early warning enables fast response and reduced risk of loss from system failure

Reduced risk

Be informed of system issues immediately

Remote management

Manage devices across multiple locations remotely from one location

Cross platform management

Carry out health status monitoring across your systems, regardless of brand or platform

Improved inventory management

Make informed decisions about the devices you should have backed up to minimize system downtime

Receive notifications and check device status on the System HealthWatch platform





 End-users who could benefit



  End-users with a large number of devices at one site or across numerous locations


  End-users with different brands of devices and systems installed at multiple remote locations


  End-users with old devices prone to problems but not in a position to carry out a full system upgrade


  End-users with high risk and high value assets



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