The importance of emergency mustering


If an emergency occurs on site, ensuring the safety of personnel and determining their whereabouts is critical. In most cases, evacuation must be conducted quickly and thoroughly.


Although organizations standardly carry out mock drills to familiarize staff with the site's exit routes, assembly points and the dos and don’ts of an emergency, in a real emergency panic can set in and occupants may forget the correct procedures and practices. There is also a chance that the exit routes or assembly point are compromised.  


Mustering solutions enable organizations to keep track of personnel (occupants) on site in the event of an emergency and can identify who has been evacuated and who is still unaccounted for. By adopting automated mustering solutions, this procedure can be carried out much faster and more accurately, enhancing personnel safety and emergency response. We therefore strongly recommend that organizations implement a robust and user-friendly mustering solution. Click through to find out more:


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