Three touchless solutions for a post-Covid-19 environment


As companies worldwide take steps to resume normal operations and employees begin to enter the workplace once again, there is a real need for infection prevention and control in public and shared spaces. Effective procedures and protocols are essential, but there are also a number of physical solutions which can help reduce risk and exposure to Covid-19.


We present three touchless solutions which can easily be implemented at your site to reduce transmission through contact with contaminated surfaces. These touchless access control solutions can help reduce risk and build a safer site in a post Covid-19 environment. 


Touchless door release


Most access control doors need a ‘request for exit’ or door release button. Traditionally, this requires users to have physical contact with a push button, but new solutions offer contactless switch activation – touchless buttons activated by motion sensors.


Key features:

  • Motion sensing technology
  • ‘Wave’ activation or ‘close contact’ sensor
  • Customized range of activation distance (up to 15cm distance)
  • LED light to show activation


As well as for general use in schools, factories, or offices to reduce risk of contamination, this solution is also ideal for hospitals, clinics, labs and clean rooms where touchless, or ‘handsfree’, solutions are optimal to meet health and safety standards.   


Mobile access


Mobile access is not new in the industry but has gained a lot of traction in the last few months. Leading access control manufacturers provide mobile credential solutions which are safe, secure, convenient, and touchless.


Providing enhanced security and reduced risk of contamination, mobile credentials can also be deployed rapidly and maintained remotely, both advantages in the current environment.


Long range mobile access can also help ensure employees maintain safe social distancing, another effective prevention and control method.


HID's 'twist and go' mobile access solution
HID's 'twist and go' mobile access solution

Automatic swing door opener


Once the access point has been unlocked, automatic doors ca be adopted to reduce risk of transmission from touching a contaminated door handle or push plate.


Automatic swing door openers can be easily installed on a new or existing door is a quick and easy way to achieve touchless access control.


Key features:

  • Safe: sensors ensure that the door will not close if someone is in the doorway
  • Available for double leaf or single leaf doors
  • Doors can be opened in either direction
  • Suitable for heavy weight doors: up to 200kg for commercial application, and up to 400kg for industrial applications
  • Suitable for installation on doors with various lock types, such as electric mortise locks, electric strike locks, and electromagnetic locks



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