Solution walk through: a smart, healthy building


The solution starts with an advanced multifunctional touchless facial reader installed at the site’s main check point (such as the main entrance door/turnstiles) which is capable of temperature screening, mask compliance and face authentication. Once the multifunctional reader authenticates the employee, his/her access badge is automatically enabled for use across the building for the rest of the day. To access the site the next day, facial recognition, temperature and mask compliance must be verified again first. A mobile-based self-declaration form can also be made available to carry out screening for visitors.


Once inside the building, cameras and special sensors monitor mask compliance, social distancing and occupancy limit compliance. Frictionless access control devises within the building ensure minimal touchpoints for reduced risk of contamination. A reporting dashboard can project key health and safety related information from the building, such as maximum occupancy limit alert, excess entry prevention, blocked personnel control, and proximity reports.


Beyond security and touchless technologies, the building can also be equipped with additional building hygiene monitoring, such as air quality monitoring, electronic air cleaners with UV to capture and clean contaminated particles in the air, and temperature and humidity control, all of which can be integrated into the building management system (BMS).


Workspace optimization is also an integral part of implementing a heathy building solution. Workspaces are digitalized using techniques such as Bluetooth beacons, barcode tags, or card readers. Employees can view workspace availability and book space using the booking app. If required, this can also be part of the access control workflow. The solution can also guide visitors to their meeting room location via the route-finder feature in the app, therefore avoiding visitor escort.


To maintain an optimal healthy environment and reassure occupants, the solution continuously feeds data into a centralized management and monitoring platform where data is analyzed to provide advanced insights. A real-time Healthy Building Score dashboard can be projected on screens in the building giving employees and visitors the confidence they need to feel secure with in the building and to be productive.


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