Smart Workplace: increasing efficiency and improving staff experience

ICD’s Advanced Solutions are focused on providing clients with specialized solutions which go beyond traditional security to increase operational efficiency and solve unique business and security challenges.


The Advanced Solutions team recognized that a range of smart workplace solutions could be implemented to help clients increase efficiency and save time and cost by integrating security system data with data from other internal systems. This series of case studies will introduce three smart workplace solutions implemented for clients.



Case Study: Improving corporate training management efficiency




Our client has several training centers in China where colleagues from across the country come for a range of internal training programs. The client recognized that their existing training sign in process was inconvenient and required a lot of admin work, so they sought a customized solution to increase operational experience and provide a smoother attendee experience. 




Firstly, our team implemented a facial recognition solution integrated with the client's access control system enabling attendees to sign in for training sessions on site quickly and conveniently.


Data from the client's training system and access control system was linked via a data bridge to save the client on admin work and improve security on site. With this solution, attendees are automatically granted attendees access to relevant areas during their training course, such as the canteen and the training rooms for their course.


A customized mini-program was also developed which pulls data from the client's training system to enable attendees to check their daily training schedule and course information.




The cutting-edge facial recognition solution provides a convenient, accurate way for staff to sign in for training sessions. Attendee experience is also enhanced with easy on-site access and a mini-program to check course information. Moreover, operational efficiency for the admin and training teams is greatly improved with no need for duplicate data entry and manual access rights configuration. 

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