Service vs ServicePlus: Story 2


Encountering a faulty hard drive in your security system can be extremely problematic. If there is no full time, dedicated security professional at your site carrying out daily checks, it can be very difficult to identify this problem.


But late discovery can have drastic consequences. 


In worst case scenarios, it can cause system failure and result in extensive loss of video surveillance footage or other important data.

In this week's Service vs ServicePlus story, we take a look at this critical issue. Through a real case, we demonstrate and how early discovery through proactive management can reduce risk and save time and money.


Scenario 1: Service




Admin Manager, Megan, receives a call from the site's security guards: all the CCTV monitoring screens have turned black – there is no signal. Megan panics, "Is there a problem with our video surveillance? What about the upcoming internal audit this week?!" 


She picks up the phone and calls ICD's 24/7 system maintenance hotline immediately.




ICD creates a case and dispatches Service Engineer, John, to the client site to investigate.




John arrives on site, checks the server, and discovers the video surveillance system has crashed. After carrying out a series of tests, he realizes there was a hard drive failure one month ago. Since the client’s video server uses RAID 5, a single drive failure can be tolerated and video storage will still operate smoothly, so the problem was not discovered before and the hard drive was not replaced. 


However, that morning a second hard drive also failed, causing the entire monitoring system to crash.


With the internal audit scheduled for later that week, Megan is worried. John explains that even if both the faulty hard drives are replaced, the recorded data will not be automatically retrieved. But Megan urgently needs to retrieve all the surveillance videos for the audit. John recommends that she engages with a professional data repair company. 


To try to retrieve the data, all of the hard drives need to be removed from the server. To repair the problem and ensure video monitoring if operating normally, new hard drives must be purchased, reinstalled and configured to the monitoring server. 


5 days later


John receives the new hard drives and reinstalls and reconfigures them on the client's monitoring server. Once complete, the video monitoring system is fully functional again.


2 days later


Working with a professional hard drive repair company, Megan has retrieved all the lost video data. However, the company had to pay thousands of USD for this service. 





Although the problem was finally solved, the failure to identify the first hard drive failure immediately meant that the clients server was down for five days, exposing the site to risk. In addition, the client had to spend a large amount of money and effort to retrieve the lost footage, and their security operations were significantly impacted and the audit delayed.


"If only the first hard drive failure had been found in advance..."  thought Megan.


Scenario 2: ServicePlus




ServicePlus Specialist, Jay, receives an alert from ServicePlus. A RAID 5 hard drive on a client’s video monitoring server has reported an error. Jay contacts the client’s Admin Manager, Megan, immediately and informs her of the situation.




ICD Service Engineer, John, is briefed and heads to the client’s site to check the hard drive. 




John arrives at the client’s site and finds that one of the hard drive’s indicator lights is flashing red. There has been a hard drive failure. John explains the problem to Megan and, after gaining her approval, arranges to have the hard drive replaced later that day.




John arrives at the client’s site and replaces the faulty hard drive. The problem is solved and the client’s video monitoring continues to record normally. There is no impact on the site’s security, exposure to risk, or proceedings with the client’s upcoming audit.


Megan is relaxed and relieved that the issue was caught early by ServicePlus!





Although one faulty RAID 5 hard drive was not critical to the operation of the site’s video surveillance, by identifying this problem early, risk was reduced, and no video footage was lost. 


The proactive approach provided by ICD's ServicePlus ensured the client’s security systems were fully functional at all times. The site’s security was not compromised and business operations were not affected – no one else even noticed there was a problem with the backend systems!


About ServicePlus


ServicePlus is a new service offering which monitors clients' system status and events, managed by trained professionals from ICD‘s Service Operations Center (iSOC). 


For another example of how ServicePlus can help you better manage your security systems, read our Service vs ServicePlus Story 1 here.


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