Security meets AIoT


At ICD, we are constantly seeking ways to utilize technology to enhance our service.


ICD was recently invited to Microsoft's Shanghai AI and IoT Insider Lab to kick-off further partnership between the companies to support our vision of technology driven service. A certified Microsoft Independent Solution Vendor (ISV), ICD, going forward, will be working closer with Microsoft’s AI and IoT experts to leverage their knowhow and expertise to accelerate the development of our services and solutions.  


What is Microsoft's AI and IoT Insider Lab?


Microsoft's Shanghai AI and IoT Insider Lab (hereafter referred to as 'lab') is one of four Microsoft labs around the world operating to help companies develop, prototype and test IoT and AI solutions for market commercialization. 

Since opening in May, 2019 until August 31, 2020, the Shanghai lab has received a total of 8,664 people, held 61 events, assisted a total of 90 enterprises to develop their solutions to Phase III, and has produced 45 project results. Solutions have been developed in the fields of manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance, and urban construction, all with the aim of promoting AI and IoT innovation and developing cutting-edge solutions for enterprises and partners. 


The lab visit, led by CEO Tony Wang and VP Service Ricky Du, comprised of a team of ICD in-house solutions experts, including our Solutions Managers, Senior Software Architect, Cloud Business Manager, iSOC Supervisor, IS Manager and others. 


Together, the team was able to learn and assess, from both business and technical perspectives, how Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud, AI and IoT technologies can be applied to ICD's business and enhance our service. 



The afternoon session was hosted by the lab’s General Manager, Angie Zhu, and started with an informative tour of their demo room, which features some of Microsoft’s most innovative AI and IoT solutions, before sitting down for a dynamic discussion about how ICD and Microsoft can deepen the partnership and develop new technologies together for the likes of ICD's ServicePlus.




"This is a very exciting development for ICD. Our team will have the exclusive opportunity to work directly with Microsoft’s top AIoT experts in the Insider Lab to accelerate our technology and optimize our solutions through deeper integration and utilization of Microsoft's Azure cloud, AI and IoT technologies. Ultimately, this will enable us to build a better platform to service our clients."

-- Ricky Du, VP Service, ICD Security Solutions



Technology driven service in ICD


ICD’s primary goal and commitment is to deliver outstanding service to our customers. As the industry develops and technologies become more advanced, we seek new ways to utilize technology to enrich our service. This was the premise behind the launch of ServicePlus earlier this year. 


A cloud-based service, ServicePlus is a centralized platform based on the Microsoft Azure cloud which monitors clients’ systems status and events for more efficient, proactive security management. Working with Microsoft Azure not only ensures stability and security on the cloud, but also provides opportunities for further partnership with Microsoft through their commercial partner program whereby Microsoft works with select companies to help them develop, go-to-market and sell new and innovative cloud, AI and IoT based solutions and technologies.  


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