Powerful Stories | Superheroes disguised in ICD uniform

Every month, ICD receives countless appreciation emails from clients. 


There is one group of colleagues who feature heavily in these emails. Colleagues who are constantly running between client sites, looking into problems, finding solutions. No matter what challenge they face, they approach it calmly and collectively.



Who are these colleagues?


Our service engineers 


Our service engineers are constantly working on the frontline carrying out system maintenance.


They go everywhere with their prized backpack – a treasure chest of equipment and tools to deal with any eventuality!

Together, they are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, following client requirements wherever that may take them.

They are our ICD superheroes!


Knowledgeable, hardworking and dexterous, service engineers don’t just use screwdrivers and multimeters… 


They scrutinize system diagrams, can identify all kinds of wiring configurations in seconds, they understand different systems and technologies and work tireless to solve system failures.
They arrive on site professional and polite, ready to take on the challenges ahead. They take ownership, stay focused and impress clients with the quality of service provided.

Their technical knowledge isn't just tested on the field. Every month they take exams for different systems. The certificates pile up!


Our service engineers are superheroes disguised in ICD uniform. Their goal, and their most valuable achievement, is gaining customer satisfaction from a problem well solved.


It's not an easy job, but you rise to the challenge. We thank each and every service engineer for your hard work, perseverance and for always putting the customer first.

Only when a client is truly impressed with the quality of the service provided will they write an appreciation email. It's not only an affirmation of technical ability, but is also testament to a colleague's service attitude and professionalism. Thank you everyone - you should be proud of yourselves! 

—— Tony Wang, CEO, ICD



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