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With the uncertainties, risks and changes brought into our lives in the current global pandemic, now, more than ever, it is important to support each other. We must support those around us, and we hope that in return, others will also extend a helping hand to us when we are in need.


Today, we share with you a story about support. About one engineer who went out of his way to support a client in critical times. But the result could not have been delivered without the help and support of his colleagues, family, and partners. 

Asaithambi receives an urgent request


Saturday night. Project Engineer Asaithambi receives a call from a client with an urgent request. In order to meet business continuity and social distancing requirements under the Covid-19 lockdown in India, the client urgently needed to convert their training room to an ODC area. The project had to be finished by Wednesday evening so that that the OCD area could be fully functional by Thursday that week. That gave Asaithambi just three working days.


Asaithambi saw the challenge ahead. India was in the midst of lockdown with no interstate travel, difficulty delivering materials and general risk and panic on the ground. In addition, Asaithambi was not in his normal working location, Chennai, where the client's site was located. He was in his hometown 300km away.


Despite the tight three day timeline, Asaithambi did not hesitate to agree to help and to commit to the client's deadline. Supporting the client in these critical times was Asaithambi’s primary concern.


Without delay, Asaithambi started preparations. First, he called ICD South India Operations Manager, Jijesh, and his line manager, Sathish, to determine a plan to complete the work. At the same time, he reached out to installation partners to assist with the on-site installation and testing and commissioning work since he was unable to get to the site so quickly.


After making the necessary arrangements, Asaithambi spoke to his family. He needed their support to agree that his should take the risk and travel to the client's site in Chennai to ensure the project was closed in time. They understood and gave their consent.


With the help of the client, Asaithambi was able to attain a pass and arrange transportation in order to travel. This in itself was no small feat during lockdown. He also prepared the necessary PPE and on Wednesday, finally reached Chennai. Asaithambi arrived at the client's site, finished the work with materials available in stock and closed the project in time for the deadline.


Asaithambi in all his PPE ready for the job!
Asaithambi in all his PPE ready for the job!

Delivering results


Even under normal circumstances, three days would have been a tight timeframe for this work. But Asaithambi ensured everything was completed on time despite the challenges. Serving the client was Asaithambi's utmost priority – coronavirus or lockdown could not stop him!


The client was so happy that this work was completed on time and without the quality compromised during lockdown that they sent a recognition email appreciating Asaithambi's efforts and commitment:


"You always rendered your excellent support to us during any emergency and critical situation."



Confident commitment to support


We asked Asaithambi for his thoughts and what compelled him to commit to this challenging request. His answer was simple:


"I knew that we had to do everything we could to support the client during this time. I could see the challenges, but I was confident we could make it. Through working together with others, effective communication and with the support of colleagues, the client, partners, and my family, we made it happen."



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