Powerful 'ICDer' Stories | Who's on the other end of the line?


We present the latest star in our series of stories about the people who make up ICD. Let's find out who we're meeting today...


“Hello, ICD Customer Service Center, 
how can I help?”
A familiar greeting, 
but who is behind the voice on the other end of the line?
We present today's protagonist, 
Client Support Specialist from the ICD Service Operation Center (iSOC)
– one of the people behind this voice.


Shy and quiet on first impressions, 

how do the communication skills of Sichuan born 

and bred Zixong match up to the task of answering

ICD's 24/7 customer service hotline?

The below numbers give you a good idea:
Every year, Zixiong
Handles over 10,000 troubleshooting cases
Answers over 3,000 calls

Checks over 45,000 emails

Creates over 2,000 RPM files

Responds to 98% of troubleshooting cases within 15 minutes 

– even on weekends and holidays!



 These impressive statistics clearly demonstrate 

Zixiong’s focus and passion for his work.

Even for the seemingly insignificant act of picking up the phone, 

Zixiong has a carefully thought out process:
“I always aim to pick up the phone between the first and the second ring.”


 "Emotions build up over time. 
If we delay in answering the phone, 
the client may become frustrated and it may affect their work.”



Although Zixiong never communicates with clients face to face, he demonstrates professionalism and empathy on every call. He quietly pours his heart into every small detail of his work, making him the well-deserved star of this powerful story.



There are many colleagues at ICD, who work on the frontline serving clients like Zixiong. They give priority to customer service regardless of personal gain and loss, and always put customer satisfaction first.

If you are passionate about your work, committed, and full of positive energy, you too can be the star of your own powerful story!
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