Powerful 'ICDer' Stories | Engineer or 'Designer'?


We want to share a series of stories about the people who make up ICD. From our frontline workers to our backend colleagues – the ordinary to the extraordinary. We want to show their power, acknowledge their great work and inspire others.


Engineer or 'designer'?


Calm, humble, hardworking and pragmatic 

Highly observational and likes to be 'hands-on'

Majored in Mechanical Design

Enjoys trekking and cycling...


Today's protagonist is Barry - 

a project engineer who achieved his ‘dream to design’ at work



Barry's 'ingenuity'


To some, this may just look like a black toolbox

BUT, this is in fact a carefully assembled demo box to quickly test client's requirements



And this? Another intriguing looking box… 

This is an access control demo model specifically designed for one of Barry's clients




And there's more...


A customized maintenance kit to deliver better service on site and increase professionalism


Take a look around Barry and you’ll find many examples of where he has paid close attention to small details and designed something unique.



Labels, product protection bags, a waterproof junction box, and more…


A passion for professionalism



When we asked Barry about his unique designs and solutions, Barry simply smiled and said:


“The professionalism of one of my clients inspired me. It made me want to increase the professionalism of my work and enhance ICD’s image.”


Barry drew an interesting comparison:


“It’s like playing Jenga when you’re a kid. If you take your turn fast and move too quickly, the tower will collapse, and you’ll lose. But, if you play slowly, steadily, and carefully calculate each move, you’ll be able to keep building higher and higher.”


Barry's customized solutions and attention to small details have helped rise the bar in the quality of project implementation and service at ICD. It is precisely because of frontline colleagues like Barry that clients build confidence in ICD’s professionalism and high level of service.




Whether on the frontline or providing backend support, if you are passionate about your work, committed, and full of positive energy, you too can be the hero of your own powerful story!


If you have any good stories about ICD colleagues, please reach out to us at marketing@icdsecurity.com.



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