Looking back at an extraordinary year...


2020 was a memorable and extraordinary year for everyone. 


At ICD, we too faced many challenges. We had to change the way we work and find ways to continue to service our clients and keep connected with colleagues. But despite all this, we've come out of 2020 even stronger than ever! 


Before we race into 2021, let's take a moment to look back some highlights and achievements from 2020. 



29,291 troubleshooting cases solved



Routine Preventative Maintenance (RPM) checks completed



2,518 projects handed over



1 acquisition completed, 3 new business entities established and 5 new workstations opened. We now have 49 locations in APAC.

1 acquisition:

Perth-based Cerberus Technologies was acquired in February helping expand our capabilities in Western Australia


3 new business entities:

New Zealand


South Korea


5 new workstations:

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Korat, Thailand

Kolkata, India

Brisbane, Australia

Auckland, New Zealand



541 colleagues in APAC by end of 2020, up from 505 at the beginning of the year.



19 colleagues reached the '10 years at ICD' mark.  14% of our colleagues have been at ICD/Convergint APAC for 10+ years!



28,197 hours of training completed. That's an average of 53 training hours per colleague!



374 professional certificates obtained by colleagues, including partner certificates, PMP, ICD technical certificates, CPP (Certified Protection Professional) and A/B Registered Architect. 



21 charity activities carried out, helping to support 13 students continue their studies as well as other people in need



1,833 EHS (safety) audits conducted



Marketing events held (both virtually and physically)



15,500+ followers on LinkedIn (an increase of 10,000+ over 2020!) with regular, news, security insights and photos shared. 



4 new SSEs

And more...


Our new service offering ServicePlus was launched in China 

ServicePlus is a cloud-based serplatform to handle service cases, real-time system status monitoring and customized predictive report generation. 

iCare and NetSuite integrated for improved service

This integration is particularly beneficial for our global clients and has enabled us to increase customer service work efficiency.

5 year goal M100 achieved
By the end of 2020, our APAC business had surpassed US$100M!


We'd like to extend our sincere thanks to all our colleagues, clients and partners. Without your hard work, support and cooperation, we would never be able to achieve these incredible results.


We have been humbled to have received many positive feedback emails throughout 2020, recognizing the commitment of our colleagues during these challenging times. This feedback continues to motivate us to be our customers' best service provider, no matter the circumstances.


Now, let's look forward to continued growth and success in 2021 and beyond!

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