Let's Talk Technology: the 2020 ICD SSE Conference


The 2020 ICD SSE Conference was recently held in Beijing, bringing ICD’s technical leaders together for two days of discussion, learning and sharing. Held both online and offline, the conference was the largest cross-regional event at ICD this year due to the impact of the pandemic. In total, 21 senior engineers attended, including three who dialed in online, as well as various senior leaders.


The conference was kicked off with updates from CEO Tony Wang and VP Ricky Du regarding ICD’s achievements and progress this year as well as future plans and key strategies. They highlighted the important role the SSE group will play in these developments. The floor was then opened to the SSE group to discuss and share experiences over the past year, including new technologies, trends and challenges.


The Cloud and Security


With ‘the cloud’ a hot topic across the technology sector, this was an indispensable item on this year’s SSE conference. ICD Cloud Business Manager, Michelle Fan, shared how cloud technologies empower enterprises to adapt to the ever-changing market and enable the provision of enhanced customer experiences. She also emphasized the important role that cloud is already playing and will continue to play in ICD’s future, including the advantages of adopting cloud technology to implement new smart security solutions and services.


SSE Group Updates


The diversified responsibilities of the SSE Group

In a new initiative started after last year’s SSE conference, the SSE group is split into different ‘task groups’ to focus on the different aspects of the SSE group’s responsibilities and support network. These groups are:

  • New Solutions & Technology
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Skills Development & Demo Management
  • SSE Exam Management

Each group leader shared updates and experiences from 2020 to keep everyone informed and promote cross-collaboration. In addition, ICD Director of Project and Service Quality, Hong Wang, explained in detail ICD's strict rules and specific processes for quality control and audits.


Welcoming new SSEs

The SSE conference was the perfect opportunity to officially ‘welcome’ this year’s new SSEs who gained the title by passing the challenging SSE exam:



Business vs technology – a battle of opinions

Next up was a ‘battle’ between business and technology to debate which is the key driving force for new innovations and trends. Solutions Manager, Frank Ha, and Senior System Engineer, Strategic Accounts, APAC, Lewce Yang shared their experiences and opinions before concluding that there is no ‘winner’: commercial interests and technology complement and drive each other. End-user requirements demand new technologies, and likewise new technologies can be applied to enhance end-user results and experiences.


Demo management

ICD offices across APAC have technology demos set up to help engineers learn new technologies and gain practical experience for the field. An update was provided on the results these demos have brought to ICD engineers' skills development and learning this year.


Sharing from Key Strategic Partners


ICD key strategic partners Lenel and Microsoft were also invited to the conference to share industry trends and technology insights. As one of the leading global security technology providers, Lenel’s future developments and direction is representative of customer needs in the market and the future of the security industry. Product technical representatives Ben Ha and Ivan Lin from Lenel shared the company's latest solutions, including contactless solutions and other technologies which have emerged in response to the pandemic, as well as updates on the company’s overall future direction.


Director of partner technology, Microsoft china, Cui Hongyu, was invited to speak about AI and IoT trends in security and beyond. He shared how Microsoft Azure cloud-based technologies are driving the market and already integrated into many technologies and platforms. His speech enabled technical colleagues to understand the practical application of AIoT technology in service operations and solutions.


Our SSE Group


ICD’s SSEs are recognized as the company’s technical leaders. It is a prestigious title which is earned by engineers in different roles at ICD through hard work and persistence to pass the challenging SSE exam. The SSE group’s goal is to ensure that ICD remains a technical leader in the industry in order to provide our customers with the best services and solutions.

This annual SSE Conference is a valuable time for these ‘technical brains’ to get together and discuss new trends and the challenges ahead so that ICD can remain ahead of the game.At ICD, we are continuously invested in technology and in our people, and the SSE Conference shows this. 


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