Introducing our APAC drawing center


Earlier this year, ICD opened a dedicated drawing center in Bangalore, India, to deliver first-class, consistent technical drawings to our global accounts across Asia Pacific. 


What is our APAC drawing center?


Our drawing center hosts a centralized team of experts to produce standardized diagrams for large-scale, cross-regional projects in APAC. Equivalent drawing centers are already in place in the UK and Canada to serve global clients in Europe and North America respectively.



Our experienced team has access to the latest advanced tools and software, such as iDesign, AutoCad, Bluebeam and Revit, to produce a range of engineering drawings, including shop drawings, riser drawings, system architecture, as-built drawings, GA drawings for panels, position diagrams, wiring and termination diagrams, and others.



Why have we invested in this initiative?


At ICD, we strive to provide a consistently high-level of service across diverse locations in Asia Pacific. Our strategy of Strategic Account Managers (SAMs), who are single of points of contact for global clients, and International Project Managers (IPMs), who coordinate complex, cross-regional projects to ensure consistent and smooth delivery, help us achieve this cross-regional consistency.  


The standardized, centralized approach deployed through our APAC drawing center helps enhance consistency and increase efficiency at the critical design stage of project delivery.


What are the benefits?


Our APAC drawing center delivers significant value to our clients with multiple APAC locations and global security standards, including:

  • A unified approach with consistent, highly accurate drawings and standardized documentation for projects across the region
  • A dedicated team familiar with our clients’ standards, processes and requirements and who utilize the best technology and tools to provide outstanding service
  • A faster turnaround for technical drawings due to our efficient, centralized approach executed by experienced, dedicated colleagues


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