ICD opens new upgraded Service Operations Center in Shanghai


ICD has officially opened a new, upgraded Service Operations Center in Shanghai, known as our iSOC. A special opening ceremony, attended by CEO, Tony Wang, VP Service and Strategic Accounts, Ricky Du, and VP Sales & BD, Aimee Zhang, took place to showcase the center’s state-of-the-art technology and optimized service processes.


The new iSOC is at a separate, isolated location with advanced security systems and protocols to ensure safe operations and to safeguard the sensitive information processed on site. The larger space hosts more colleagues who are available 24/7 to deal with the increasing number of Asia Pacific service cases and the new requirements of our service platform ServicePlus.


Here, over 50 phone calls are taken from clients a day to report troubleshooting issues. Alongside other means by which cases are generated (emails received, RPMs, ServicePlus, etc.) a total of 35,000 troubleshooting reports are processed annually from over 6000 customer sites from 600 customers. This iSOC is one of Convergint’s global service operation centers, with respective service operations centers in North America and Europe, all providing customers with consistent, high standard service.


In addition, as the customer-base and capabilities of ServicePlus continues to grow, we identified the need for increased security policies. So, in late 2021, we obtained the National Information System Security Protection Level 2 certification (China) for ServicePlus. This certifies that we follow the necessary regulations across all aspects of data security, including network communication security, site security, computing environment security, and more.


Improved data analysis capabilities leveraged from Microsoft Azure, such as intelligent AI analysis, data pools, and data cleansing, will continue to empower ServicePlus and provide value to customers via data-driven service.


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