Exclusive: ICD launches ServicePlus in China

ServicePlus is a new service which monitors your systems status and events, managed by trained professionals from ICD’s Service Operations Center (iSOC). The service is empowered by Microsoft Azure with a cloud-based architecture, advanced data analysis capabilities and high-level data encryption.


ICD’s traditional maintenance services combine troubleshooting with routine preventative maintenance to ensure the system maintenance issues are dealt with quickly and effectively to minimize system downtime. Cases are handled by our iSOC and engineers are dispatched to the client site to fix the problem.  



With ServicePlus, system and device status is continuously monitored. Notifications of unusual system status or suspicious activity are automatically sent to the ICD Service Operations Center (iSOC) in Shanghai where dedicated professionals verify the case and act accordingly.  

ICD's Service Operations Center (iSOC) in Shanghai
ICD's Service Operations Center (iSOC) in Shanghai


ServicePlus can detect issues that are typically missed or undetectable through traditional maintenance methods. This proactive approach ensures that problems are found and dealt with early before wider damage is caused. Moreover, where possible, remote support is provided for faster, more efficient results. 


How ServicePlus adds value

ServicePlus is data driven. Data is collected from a range of sources and systems and presented to clients in system analysis reports. Our team transforms this data into insightul informaion which identifies system trends and exceptions. This information can be used by clients to help enhance operations, meaning clients gain more value from existing security systems. 



Want to find out more?

For more information about ServicePlus, look out for future posts or contact us on serviceplus@icdsecurity.com, or reach out to your ICD representative.


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