How can new technology be applied as a practical solution?


We constantly hear about 'new technology', 'innovative solutions' and the 'latest industry trends'. But with so much information and so many options, how can you assess which technologies are relevant for your company and will deliver results?



ICD recently sponsored the first China Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) - a full day event with emergency management and security experts gathered from around the world to discuss emergency management, public safety, and security in multinational enterprises.


As part of the afternoon workshops, ICD’s Joseph Hu, Operations Manager, East China, led a 30 minute session sharing his insights into how new technology can be applied as a practical solution.





His question to the audience was, “There is so much new technology on the market and a constant buzz around the latest, most innovative solutions, but how do you know which technologies are worth adopting and will add value in your company?”


Joseph argued that while ROI is always an extremely important factor, considering cost alone is not enough. He took a step back and drew on ICD’s wealth of experience assisting MNCs design and implement integrated security solutions across APAC to introduce four factors he believes end-users must consider before adopting a new solution.


These four key factors are:

  • Adaptability 
  • Integration capability
  • Digital visibility
  • Stability




“By assessing how any new technology scores in these four factors – these ‘aids’ for your decision making – you can gain insight into whether or not this technology is the best solution for your desired application, both now and in the future,” said Joseph. “These factors will help you ensure you apply new technology as a practical solution,” he added.


Attendees and speakers at the IAEM AGM
Attendees and speakers at the IAEM AGM


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