Global Account Services

ICD has built its business on an account-based strategy rather than a project based one. This approach has allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of our clients’ global security concerns, rather than simply local issues. Our approach also makes it easier for us to provide a coordinated service where exceptional security standards can be applied to sites in any region of the world.


Our Global Account Services are ideal for clients with numerous sites across the Asia Pacific and that demand effective global security standards and strategies. 


  • A single point of contact for all global accounts and projects streamlines communication.
  • Predictable costs: by using a single security partner for all projects, ICD can offer a competitive fixed pricing agreement that makes long term budgeting much easier.
  • Inventory management facilitates faster project lead times and considerable cost savings.
  • Consistent service delivery across regions through strict installation standards and standardized procedures.
  • Standardized system design and system consolidation across multiple sites promoting better security management.
  • Localization of global security standards and practices in accordance with local markets and regulations.
  • Professional reports and documentation standards make it easier to conduct maintenance and system analysis.
  • Global project coordination and communication to ensure that cross-regional projects and services are delivered smoothly and in line with the client’s global standards.

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