Advanced Solutions

In a business environment with increasingly complex operations management systems, large numbers of staff and multiple geographic locations, many clients seek dynamic solutions which integrate multiple systems and analyze data in order to improve procedures, decrease costs and enhance operational efficiency.  Our Advanced Solutions are specialized, customized solutions which help clients solve these unique business challenges.

Why Implement Advanced Solutions?

The goal of Advanced Solutions is not only to increase security but to also provide information that can help the business operate more effectively.  


By providing specialized, customized solutions which utilize data from security systems and other facility management and IT systems, we can help clients solve unique security and business challenges. These solutions drive real business results, helping companies achieve wider strategic goals and maximize the return on investment of complex systems installed. 

Our Advanced Solutions

Our Advanced Solutions are comprised of:

  • Specialized third party solutions which solve unique business and security challenges
  • Solutions that our Advanced Solutions team has developed in-house based on market trends, key industry challenges and client requirements

Popular Advanced Solutions

Key and Locker

Management Solution

Secure, manage and audit the use of keys or access to devices and lockers across your site via an intelligent key and equipment management system.

Visitor Management


Implement an efficient and secure visitor management solution to process, track and analyze visitors onsite and minimize risk from unwanted personnel. 

Shuttle Bus Optimization


Optimize your shuttle bus deployment by tracking vehicles and their use. Generate alerts, reports and access historical data allowing you to make informed decisions and save money. 

Real Time Location


Adopt RFID technology to track personnel and assets in real time within your site and alert you of suspicious activity or provide data in the case of an incident.


Thermal Imaging for

Fire Detection

Adopt thermal imaging technology to alert personnel immediately of early fire detection or if wires or equipment are overheating. Act fast and minimize impact. 

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