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An outstanding customer experience, anywhere in the world

After we have helped you install your security system, we can provide further support with our sophisticated maintenance services. We offer multiple maintenance options based on requirement level to guarantee minimum disruption to your company’s daily operations.

Full support, anytime, anywhere

Our customer services are distinguished by 24/7 support for sites throughout the Asian Pacific region to ensure any issues are dealt with in the shortest time possible. ICD is also committed to coordinating our infrastructure growth strategies to ensure full local support to each of our clients.


A proactive approach to maintenance

Our routine preventative maintenance services ensure the continuous smooth functioning of your security system and help keep system interruptions to a minimum.


Dealing with the root of the problem

We assign dedicated service personnel to each client to act as long-term, stable contact channels. These personnel conduct thorough system analysis over an extended time period to help us address any system issues at their core.


Centralized, automated support

Case analysis is facilitated by our centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which stores your company’s case data in a single location and can be accessed by ICD’s personnel in any location. Our CRM system also automates many troubleshooting processes and guarantees immediate responses to service calls.

Our Service Operations Center (SOC) is in operation 24 hours a day
Our Service Operations Center (SOC) is in operation 24 hours a day

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