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Embedded Services

Embedded security staff that you can rely on


For companies that seek even greater long term support, ICD’s Professional Services Group (PSG) can provide embedded security staff.


With our embedded personnel, you can rest at ease in the knowledge that the daily operation of your company’s security system is in the hands of experienced security professionals.


Current partnerships include embedded security management services for clients with more than 60 global sites. On each of these sites, our dedicated staff manages internal security issues and ensures that companies’ unified security standards are implemented correctly.

Onsite team at Huawei receive award for outstanding service
Onsite team at Huawei receive award for outstanding service

Most common onsite staff roles

The functions of our onsite staff are commonly divided into four main roles, though the scope of work for any of our onsite personnel may be adjusted to suit client requirements. The main onsite roles offered by ICD are as follows:


  • Security Manager. Personnel in this role act as both leaders and professional embedded consultants to help you develop regional security strategy and infrastructure that enhances the security of your workforce and business. Managers also supervise project management and security vendor selection.


  • Security Supervisor. Personnel in this role help to optimize the effectiveness of your guard force and security operation center (SOC) teams. They achieve this by implementing rigorous management procedures, conducting comprehensive training programs, producing handbooks that outline standard security operation procedures and supervising operations on a daily basis.


  • Onsite Administrator. Administrators take charge of procedure implementation system maintenance, providing immediate troubleshooting support to deal with security issues.


  • Onsite Security Assistant. Assistants are responsible for conducting basic daily security operation procedures. They also provide proactive support to coordinate embedded staff and ICD technical personnel to ensure troubleshooting services are delivered quickly and smoothly.



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