Advanced Solutions

As corporations grow and face the challenges of managing ever complex operational management systems, an increasing number of personnel and multiple geographic locations, the need for advanced business solutions which integrate deeper into a company's operations management, whilst mitigating related risks throughout, is increasingly acute.  


Our advanced solutions offer a range of unique and specialized solutions that assist different stakeholders within a business organization to solve various operational challenges. By implementing advanced (or even customized) solutions that, for example, provide business intelligence data which can be applied outside of traditional security purposes or that are seamlessly integrated with other facility management and operational systems, companies can fully utilize business intelligence for higher operational efficiencies. Such results can therefore assist companies achieve wider business objectives whilst also accomplishing strategic goals and maximizing the return on investment of complex systems installed.


ICD's advanced solutions team in our Beijing technical lab
ICD's advanced solutions team in our Beijing technical lab


Our advanced solutions team is made up of some of ICD’s most experienced engineers who have years of systems and software integration experience. Together, they research and develop new advanced solutions based on market trends, key industry challenges and client requirements. In addition, they also work closely with our consulting team to build awareness of new solutions and provide crucial technical support to project implementation engineers during solution installation.




Who can benefit from advanced solutions?


Relevant to companies of all sizes and from a range of industries, advanced solutions are particularly applicable to:

  • Multinational corporations with multiple systems deployed across different geographical regions looking for one standardized Central Management System (CMS)
  • Corporations operating in unique industries or vertical segments with distinctive security, facilities and business challenges
  • Corporations which struggle with low operational efficiency and productivity
  • Corporations with high focus on ROI priority


Advanced Solutions


Our advanced solutions include: 

  • Data Center Solutions
  • Retail Solutions
  • Factory & Warehouse Solutions
  • Central Management Systems (CMS)
  • Hardware & Facility Management - Intelligent Building Integrated Solutions



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