Committed to Making a Difference

At its core, ICD Convergint APAC is about people and safety. Every day, our colleagues and our solutions help ensure the safety and security of our clients’ people and assets.


But for ICD, the notion of ‘people’ extends beyond our clients and our colleagues, to our colleagues' families, our communities and society in general. Our colleagues are motivated by the desire to help other people, not only through their work, but also by caring for those in less fortunate circumstances. 


We are committed to making a difference by giving back to our communities and supporting just causes. Through these actions, we can make a positive impact, provide opportunities to others and contribute to the safety, security and future of the more vulnerable members of our society.  

ICD Greenlight

Greenlight means go: together we can make a bigger difference! 


In 2008, we founded ICD Greenlight, a charity initiative which gives colleagues a platform to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. We believe that by working together, we can achieve greater success in our efforts to help others.


ICD Greenlight supports a wide variety of causes and activities to give back to our communities.

ICD Greenlight Initiatives

Sponsoring Students

Education is a powerful way for entire families in impoverished rural areas to improve their fortunes in life. Yet financial pressures from challenging family situations can often mean that even basic education is inaccessible to many children. Through our charity fund we are able to support 10 students in China and India ensuring they have access to a good education.

Mid-Day Meal Scheme

We sponsor a Mid-Day Meal Scheme in India through NGO Akshaya Patra, helping provide lunches to students at government schools throughout Karnataka state. The scheme supports over 1,300 schools in the region, helping avoid classroom hunger, increase school attendance and address malnutrition among students. 

Community Volunteering

At least once a year, each ICD office organizes an activity during the working week giving colleagues the chance to volunteer their time and expertise at local community organization or charity. Organizations we support include the Star and Rain school for autistic children in Beijing, Angel Orphanage in Bangalore, and many more.

Colleague Emergency Fund

In the case that a colleague is faced with a tragic accident or unfortunate incident involving their close family member, we are able to provide financial support to for any medical emergencies or other expenses to help them through this difficult time. 

Environmental Policy

ICD is founded on a strong set of core values and encouraged behaviors which form our unique company culture. One of our encouraged behaviors is to ‘take ownership, make responsible decisions’. This not only affects the way everyone, from our leadership team to our front-line colleagues, interacts with clients and conducts business, but it is also reflected in our approach to health & safety, sustainability and environmental issues which we conduct with a sense of ownership, responsibility and integrity. 

Health & Safety

ICD has a comprehensive health & safety policy and are always working to make improvements to our safety procedures. We provide both the mechanical and physical facilities required for personal health and safety in keeping with the highest standards.


We recognize that the future of our planet and of generations to come is everyone’s responsibility, including ours. We are committed to making responsible decisions to appropriately managing resources and waste, contribute positively to society and conduct our business in a fair and sustainable manner.


ICD monitors our use of fuel, electrical energy, water, paper, and waste products. Our colleagues ensure safe and efficient handling of our products, conserve, and recycle our by-products and minimize our waste.

Help Us Make a Difference

To learn more about ICD Greenlight or any of the above initiatives, or if you would like to donate to one of the causes we support, please get in touch with us at


We are always working to identify new causes that are worthy of support and ways that we can promote environmentally sustainable behaviors in the community. If you have any ideas, please get in touch.