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ICD Implements Complex Security Solution at Toll Logistics' Singapore Regional Hub



Client: Toll Logistics

Industry: Logistics

Location: Singapore


  • Complex integrated security solution of 750+ devices installed and configured at client’s large Singapore distribution center
  • Visitor management solution integrated with access control system to enable client to have accurate understanding of people and vehicles onsite at any time
  • Solution installed in line with TAPA Class A standards in specific areas



ICD was recently selected by leading logistics company Toll Logistics to design and implement a complex integrated security system at their new Singapore logistics center. With ambitious expansion plans in Asia, Toll built this strategic site to serve as both a regional hub and a local distribution centre. 100,000 square meters in size, Toll City consists of five levels of warehouses, two levels of corporate offices and a large rooftop parking area for trucks and vehicles.


The client sought a cutting-edge, integrated security solution which would meet the demands of their security-sensitive clients and would position Toll at the forefront of high-tech security deployment at logistics sites, breaking away from traditional physical patrolling methods. The client required a contemporary ‘defense in depth’ security solution which could be further integrated with other systems within the facility. 


Why Toll Chose ICD


ICD is a leading provider of integrated security solutions and services in the APAC region with a history of working with Fortune 500 companies and significant experience with logistics clients. During the selection process, ICD demonstrated a detailed understanding of Toll’s requirements and dug deeper to fully comprehend the client’s desired outcomes of the security solution. Toll valued ICD’s efforts to provide a range of solutions with different costs and varying results to meet these outcomes, and decided that ICD had both the expertise and understanding of the client’s needs to successfully implement this security system. 

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Onsite Administrators for Leading Chinese Internet and Media Company

Solution Overview:

Client:  Leading Chinese Internet and Media Company

Location:  Shenzhen & Beijing

Industry:  Internet and Technology


  • Total of four onsite administrators placed to oversee security at the client’s Shenzhen and Beijing sites
  • Responsibilities include carrying out security maintenance, project coordination and commissioning, system implementation and various other security tasks
  • Supporting security management across numerous sites in China and assisting the client develop more stable and reliable security systems throughout


ICD Onsite Administrator Case Study for Internet and Media Company
ICD Onsite Administrator Case Study for
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For several years, ICD has been working with one of China’s leading internet, media and entertainment companies to assist them manage and maintain their security systems primarily at their Shenzhen headquarters and Beijing sites, but also across several additional locations throughout China.


We first started working with the client in 2012 when we were chosen to carry out a security system renovation project in their Guangzhou office. While undertaking this project, our team worked closed with the client’s Administration Manager responsible for security across a number of their sites in China. It was clear that the security workload in was demanding for one person and that issues were often not being resolved quickly or efficiently enough.




The challenges surrounding the security work at the company’s sites were numerous: no dedicated security team; slow response from vendors resulting in extended periods of system or devise failure; large sites (8 buildings housing 20,000 employees at their Shenzhen headquarters); outdated and often unstable systems; and a lack of security system standardization.


Our Solution


We recommended that the client take advantage of our professional services to help them maintain and oversee the security systems at their Shenzhen and Beijing sites, therefore enabling their administrative team’s resources to be used more efficiently elsewhere. As a result, four dedicated onsite security administrators were recruited by ICD and deployed at the client’s Shenzhen and Beijing site (three in Shenzhen, one in Beijing) to take care of security related work.


With over 2000 card readers and 2000 cameras at the Shenzhen site alone onsite, much of the work carried out by our onsite staff consists of system maintenance including troubleshooting work, routine preventative maintenance checks and risk assessments. We therefore not only assist the client solve existing issues in a timely and efficient manner, but also help find and solve potential or unknown problems at the site.


In addition, our onsite staff also assist with other security related tasks and processes such as producing and maintaining handbooks for security regulations and procedures; organizing and maintaining files; coordinating with contractors and vendors; and project related coordination and commissioning.


Moreover, our onsite staff also support the client’s security systems across their China-wide sites which are all linked to their headquarters, and our ICD team provides additional maintenance services at their Guangzhou, Xi’an and Wuhan sites.


To help the client continuously improve their security systems, we also provide security consulting services, assisting the client to standardize the devises and systems they employ; we advise the client about security systems to implement, check new security system designs and install and configure new devises and systems.


The Result


By providing our client with a dedicated and experienced onsite security team, the security systems at the client’s Shenzhen and Beijing sites are much better managed, maintained and organized. Additionally, procedures and standards have been put in place to improve and upgrade their security systems at these sites and across the country, step by step. Through the services we provide, we not only continuously help to improve the client’s current security operations, but are also assisting them to build a future proof and standardized security system which will bring more stability for years to come.





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