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Stories of Hope

Read on to learn about the children that receive tuition fee support through ICD Greenlight's charitable activities. If you would like to know more about how to help the children sponsored by ICD Greenlight, please email


Qiu Jun Cai Dan

In 2013, we supported Qi Jun Cai Dan through his last year in high school at a Tibetan school in Lu Qu village, Qinghai province. His mother is unable to work due to illness and his immediate family relies on his father’s salary from employment in a temporary position. Qiu Jin's younger brother left school after completing elementary school in order to help his father support the family.


By supporting Qi Jun Cai Dan by providing the 2500 RMB required to carry on his studies each semester, Qi Jun Cai Dan was able to study hard and is now continuing his education at university where he receives financial help. 

Zeng Han

In 2014, we provided support to 12 year old Zeng Han who lives with his grandparents in Huangjiayuan village in the hills of Zhejiang province. Due to a challenging family situation with his mother working in the city and just his grandparents to look after him, ICD Greenlight provided financial support to ease the family pressure.


Thanks to the support provided by ICD to help pay for school lunches, insurance and study materials, Zeng Han was able to continue studying last year. With this help, his family situation has improved, and no longer requires the support of ICD Greenlight, for the moment at least. 

Yu Ling

Yu Ling is 12 years old and lives in Chunan village in Zhejiang Province, China. She is living with her father and grandmother, both of whom are immobile. Her entire family lives on government welfare worth 300RMB per month. Yu Ling is optimistic and is studying hard in the school.


Yu Ling has been singled out by her teachers who praise her diligence and thoughtful attitude. She intends to stay in school as long as her family can afford the tuition fee. The school has waived her dormitory fee but she still needs to pay for meals, insurance and some study materials worth around 1200RMB each semester.

Wang Zhiyan

13 year old Wang Zhiyan lives in Gaozhuang village in Zhejiang province and is studying in middle school in the nearby town. She is in the top three in her class and praised by her teachers as a good student and a great leader who is liked by both classmates and teachers. 


Zhiyan’s mother is unable to work due to a severe eye condition which requires treatment every month. After these costs, there is only around 600rmb left from her father’s salary working shifts in Hangzhou to support the family of four. For just 1880RMB per semester, we cover Zhiyan's food, transportation, insurance and study material costs to ensure she can carry on her studies.


Shao Zhiying and Shao Zhimin

Shao Zhimin and Shao Zhiying are twin brothers aged 12 years. They are studying in the central elementary school of An Yang village in Zhejiang Province, China. According to their teacher, “the brothers are passionate and love to help others.” The brothers live with their grandparents, parents and older sister. Only the father is able to work to support all seven people in the family.


The family receives an allowance from local government which gives them limited relief. Just 2400RMB each semester is all that is needed to help each of them study in school.





Wang Zhiyan at school
Wang Zhiyan at school

Latest News





Students sponsored by ICD Greenlight continue their studies into the new semester!

Twin students Zhimin and Zhiying
Twin students Zhimin and Zhiying


The month of March means back to school for children across China as they start a new term after the Spring Festival break.


Thanks to the support of ICD Greenlight, this is also true for the four students is rural Zhejiang province that we support by providing funds to cover the costs of transportation, meals and study materials. Without our help, these children might not have been able to continue their studies in 2015.


The photo on the right shows the smiling faces of Shao Zhiying and Shao Zhimin who have increased motivation to study with our support. In addition, student Wang  Zhiyan has made her parents and grandmother proud by achieving the highest test scores in her class during last term's exams, putting her in the top five students in her year. Classmate Yu Ling also continues to work hard in school despite her challenging family situation and the urge to start working early to provide an income for the family.


We would like to extend a big thanks to all of our ICD colleagues who have contributed to this charity initiative and have provided the generous donations which allow these students continue attending school and to pursue their dreams.



To learn more about ICD Greenlight and our charity initiatives, please click here.Or for more information about the students we sponsor, click through to this page.