Effective ways to mitigate cyber risk


Constant vigilance combined with security intelligence is a powerful blend. Organizations must look to strengthen these critical components both internally and externally. 


A key aspect of this is to only partner with trustworthy companies that put physical and IT security at the top of their agenda with cybersecurity best practices implemented across the board. By demonstrating a solid cybersecurity track-record, you can be confident that the security devices in your facilities are protected against evolving threats.


One time hardware hardening will not suffice as cyber threats and modus operandi constantly evolve and become increasingly sophisticated. Experts say that the threat landscape evolves every six weeks, which the points towards mandating continuous monitoring, real time alerts, and preventing any cyberattacks in order to keep the system secure 24/7.


Unlike normal IT end points, operating systems in electronic security system end point devices (be it cameras, card readers, door controllers, etc.) require industry specific cyber threat detection tools which are dynamic and are updated with the latest industry/product patch/firmware, as well as with updates about the known malware signature. These platforms must be capable of detection, generating alerts and carrying out quick recovery from cyberattacks.


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