Convergint Technologies Australia assists implement a complex system upgrade project for Eastlink freeway

Photo: Security Electronics and Networks Magazine
Photo: Security Electronics and Networks Magazine

Convergint Technologies Australia recently worked as part of a team of solution and service providers to deliver ‘one of the most complete end-to-end upgrades in Australia’, the EastLink CCTV and network upgrade project. 


This complex project to implement significant system upgrades to Melbourne's Eastlink freeway recently featured in an in-depth case study by the renowned industry magazine Security Electronics and Networks


The Convergint Technologies team was engaged in the project from the onset, involved in the initial planning stages, acceptance testing and solving hardware issues identified, and finally system installation and network configuration:


“There were 3 phases to the installation for Convergint – the head end, roadside network and the cameras. The head end was everything related to the network including Genetec, the second stage was having everything out on the road in the cabinets. Stage 3 was PTZs being installed on road itself. Another aspect of the process was decommissioning legacy components of the analogue system,” comments Convergint Technologies IT project manager, Neil Bernabe, in the case study. 


With a total of 230 cameras on the system, it was not the scale of the project which was the challenge, but rather the unique network configuration and customization of the system: "there’s been so much customization to meet the demands of the application and the demands of the operators – it’s a special integration and certainly the most complex I’ve been involved with,” Neil went on to comment. 


To find out more about the project, challenges and result, the full article can be found here.

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