Asia Pacific Colleagues Give Back to Community on Convergint Social Responsibility Day

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This June, colleagues across APAC continued the Convergint tradition of giving back to our communities with the 21st annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day. On this day every year, Convergint colleagues across the globe go out to serve in their communities through various projects and activities during a full, paid workday.  


This year in Asia Pacific, over 500 colleagues took part in 18 activities across Greater China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. Volunteer organisations included schools, orphanages, animal shelters, and environmental associations. In total, an estimated 3,750 service hours were donated in the region.  


Let's take a moment to look back at some highlights across APAC. 


In India, colleagues headed to orphanages and rehabilitation centres in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon to host activities, provide food, and donate clothes, toys and stationery. Facility equipment, including security systems, was also donated and installed by the team. Organisations supported include:

Southeast Asia

In Singapore, the team participated in a costal clean up and learnt about the impacts of plastic to marine wildlife. Meanwhile in Thailand, colleagues travelled two hours out of Bangkok to Ratchaburi to volunteer on a dam building project to support the local community store water for agricultural and other use.

Greater China

Across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, colleagues worked with local NGOs to take part in a range of activities including donating equipment and handmade gifts to a centre for autistic children, providing support and monitoring equipment at an animal shelter, taking part in environmental clean up programs, and offering a helping hand in the local community to clean up streets, donate lunches to those in need and more.


Across Australia and New Zealand, over 60 colleagues were able to donate their time, expertise, and resources to five local organisations which support programs for marginalised community members and the environment. Organisations supported include:

Learn more about how our Oceania colleagues contributed to communities in their region. 


Colleagues in Japan gave back to the community by donating toys, furniture and electric fans to a local orphanage.


Convergint Social Responsibility Day was launched in 2002 to commemorate the founding of the firm and support the local communities where colleagues live and work.


In 2022, 7,700 colleagues in over 175 locations across the globe had the opportunity to take part by giving back to the charities and organisations about which they are passionate. As a result, Convergint supported more than 110 organisations globally this year.

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