Comprehensive solution for K12 international school in China


Our client is a K12 international school in China which accommodates 2,000 students from preschool to high school on their 90,000 square metre campus. To ensure campus safety, the client required a comprehensive security system linked to the local police department for efficient response. The client engaged with ICD to provide professional security consulting and system implementation services.


Perimeter security and access control


To ensure that that only authorized people can access the campus, we installed:

  • Turnstile gates to control access on foot
  • Vehicle gates with license plate recognition to control vehicle access
  • A perimeter solution with infrared sensors to detect intruders
  • Access control on buildings and sensitive areas

Classroom doors were equipped with Salto wireless locks for remote locking and lockdown capabilities to ensure student safety in the case of an incident.


Video surveillance

  • 300+ cameras were installed across the campus, with camera models and location carefully selected to meet the client’s surveillance goals. Video storage was set as 90 days to meet local requirements.
  • Facial recognition capabilities in critical areas to identify strangers and wanted criminals through connection to the local police department. Alarm notifications automatically sent to the security manager.

Alarm system and guard patrol

  • Guard patrol system installed with designated patrolling routes, fixed check-in points and the ability to record the guard’s location to improve guard patrolling.
  • College’s alarm system linked to the local police department – police are automatically notified when an alarm is triggered, enabling fast response.




The comprehensive solution ensures that if a security incident occurs at the school, the local police department is automatically notified, and school security personnel can respond quickly and effectively. The solution meets local regulations and the client’s high standards and provides peace of mind that students and staff can enjoy a safe and secure campus.




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