Comprehensive data center solutions: from electronic security to insight and efficiency


Data centers are prime targets for security breaches, corporate espionage and insider threat. In order to keep your data center and your brand’s reputation intact, it is essential to implement a comprehensive security solution that deters intrusion, minimizes risk, and enables fast response in the case of an incident.


ICD offers turnkey solutions to address all data center physical security and infrastructure monitoring needs, including:

  • Risk assessments
  • Consulting services
  • System design
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Project implementation
  • System maintenance


A layered approach


Utilizing an extensive range of solutions from our technology partners, our team of in-house experts can design and implement a foolproof integrated security solution which provides layers of protection to safeguard your data center.


A layered approach to security system design could include:

  • IP cameras to monitor the site perimeter and interior
  • Radar/drone detection technology to detect suspicious movement on the premises
  • Access control solutions to control access to specific areas, rooms and racks
  • Two-way loudspeakers to address potential intruders
  • Fire detection and suppression systems to effectively detect and manage fires
  • Data center infrastructure monitoring systems to monitor core data center health
  • Centralized management and reporting dashboards to monitor and control situations in real-time


With this approach, threats are detected and neutralized at an early stage, and registered visitors can only access areas of the facility in accordance with their clearance level.


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