Introducing an Intelligent Visitor Management Solution

Having visitors to your site is a normal part of business. However, visitors can expose your company to risk, especially if these visitors are not properly registered, cannot be traced or have access to sensitive areas of your site. So what is the best way to conduct visitor management in a secure and convenient manner?

The Limitations of Current Solutions

There are currently various different visitor management solutions (VMS) available on the market, often offered as part of an access control system. These solutions all tend work in a similar way and pose the same challenges or limitations:

  • Visitors have to register with the company or host employee at least one day in advance
  • Information is often recorded manually and, if handwritten, often in bad handwriting, making it difficult to keep and check records
  • Visitors have to sign in at a reception desk onsite which is often a slow process and can cause delay if there are many visitors at one time
  • The end-to-end process is generally time consuming and inefficient for both visitors and administration staff, particularly at large, complex sites which have many visitors
  • Loopholes in the system or last minute registration can also often result in limited or insufficient security before a visitor is granted access to a site
  • Systems are unable to record, store and analyze visitor data that could be of use to the company

Aware of the lack of convenient or adequate visitor management solutions available on the market, ICD’s Advanced Solutions team developed a solution, ICD Visitor, which provides an efficient and convenient solution whilst ensuring maximum security and enabling the end-user to utilize valuable visitor data. 

The Advantages of ICD Visitor

  • Streamlined visitor registration process – visitors can register directly via WeChat or the client’s website
  • Simplified visitor sign in process – a simple self registration process which, once verified, will send a QR code or registration code to the visitor facilitating quick and easy sign in onsite
  • Integration with Access Control Systems – our software can be integrated with major access management platforms
  • Visitor control – unwanted visitors can be added to a blacklist which will block their registration; suspicious visitors or registration can trigger an automated notification sent to the client; the number of visitors an employee can receive can be limited
  • Reduced labor costs – by adopting an automated solution, clients can reduce the number of administration staff needed onsite
  • Analytics competent – clients can gain access on demand to various customized reports and records and can analyse visitor data over a specific time period or site, enabling optimized monitoring and better visitor management
  • Customizable by actual operational needs – features can be customized based on the client’s actual operational needs

Who can Benefit from this Solution?

  • End-users from any industry with cross-regional operations and a large number of visitors
  • Plants, facilities and office blocks which require a high level of confidentiality and security
  • End-users who seek operational improvement through data analysis 
  • Sites with multiple visitor groups and a mixture of employees (including overseas based) and visitors
  • Sites where it not convenient to have security guards or escorting services

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