Adopting drones to reduce operational overhead cost

Cut down on safety, training and PPE costs


Autonomous drone solutions can be used to carry out maintenance and safety inspections traditionally performed by security personnel.


Deploying personnel to carry out these tasks may involve risk of injury or even loss of life, especially in dangerous locations or environments. Moreover, maintaining a team of personnel requires investment in training, personal protection equipment (PPE) and insurance. In addition, a safety incident which harms personnel can tarnish the organisation’s safety record and overall image.


Adopting an autonomous drone solution instead can reduce risk to personnel, provide cost saving and result in faster and more efficient processes.



Reduce the cost of on-site surveillance


Advanced drone solutions can also be used to perform video surveillance on site, potentially reducing the number of fixed surveillance cameras required which in turn reduces the cost and work involved in maintaining these cameras.


Autonomous drones can carry out pre-scheduled missions to support:

  • Security surveillance
  • Safety inspections
  • Data collection for quality control inspections
  • Operations inspections


Extend the life cycle of vital equipment


Drones can be used for automatic, pre-scheduled inspection missions to find potential problems, such as monitoring the heat dissipation of high volage equipment, looking for leaks and equipment damage, and others. These investigative missions can provide operational insights for remedial work and prevention of further damage, thereby extending the life cycle of vital equipment, reducing cost in the long run.



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