5 solutions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose a threat to people in countries across the world. In some regions and industries, employees are already (or are still) working onsite but risk of infection still remains. Companies have a responsibility to take effective prevention and control measures to reduce the risk of the virus spreading in the workplace, and facilitate contact tracing should an infection occur. 


Below are 5 solutions to help protect your people and your premises during this period. 


Robust access control


A robust access control system ensures only authorized personnel can gain access to your site. During the pandemic period, access control can provide additional support:

  • Access control system can be leveraged to provide data about infected people and their interactions, such as through this COVID-19 Exposure Report Tool. Security and HR must reinforce the importance of swiping in and out of the site every day in order to maintain accurate attendance records during this period.
  • Automated alerts can be generated to notify security if an employee who has not completed quarantine tries to access the premises.
  • Surveillance cameras with mask recognition can be added to your system so that individuals not wearing a mask can be identified and access denied or an alarm triggered to remind them to wear a mask. 

Thermal screening solutions


Timely and accurate monitoring of individuals’ temperature on entering your premises can play a significant role detecting cases (since fever is common symptom of COVID-19) and ensuring effective infection control. Thermal screening solutions provide a noninvasive, fast and accurate means to do this. If an individual with a high temperature is detected, security personnel are alerted and can act quickly and decisively. For the best results, thermal screening can be integrated with other aspects of your security solution, read more here.


Contactless solutions


Door and access control fittings pose a risk of infection through contact with contaminated surfaces. Contactless solutions can help reduce this risk, such as:

  • Contactless biometric solutions, such as MorphoWave Compact’s touchless 3D fingerprint technology
  • Contactless door release buttons
  • Use of electric sliding doors or electric door openers which avoid the need to touch a door handle
  • Contactless elevator solutions, such as: voice recognition, mobile phone, QR code, face recognition, and card readers (ICD can recommend the best solution for end-users according to the actual situation) 

Visitor management solutions


Although many companies are restricting face-to-face meetings, there are still instances when visitors are required for essential meetings or specialists are needed onsite to carry out essential repair works. Ensure you have a smart visitor management solution in place to collect and record visitor information and have accurate records of who was at your site when. Reports and historical data can also easily be retrieved if needed for contact tracing.


Enhanced visitor registration policy should also be considered. Additional mandatory questions, such as about the visitor's health, contact history and travel history, can help detect high risk visitors that may need additional screening.


Workplace management solutions


In order to reduce risk of infection within the workplace, workplace management systems can be deployed to control the number of reserved work-stations, and ensure proper distance is maintained between seats. Adopting a conference room reservation system integrated with access control can also help control the number of people using a meeting room and the duration of the meeting.



For more information about any of the above solutions, or to speak to an expert about how to best safeguard your site during this pandemic, reach out to us at solutions@icdsecurity.com.


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