Comprehensive technical training for professional engineers


In our mission to be our customers’ best service provider, our colleagues’ professionalism and their ability to deliver high quality service is essential to achieving customer satisfaction. For our engineers working on the frontline, a key part of this is their technical ability, which not only enables them to provide better service to our customers, but also provides career development opportunities in ICD.

We are committed to continuous self-improvement

                                                                                     – ICD’s core value #3


ICD is therefore dedicated to providing engineers with the necessary tools, resources and support to enhance their technical knowledge and achieve their career and learning goals.


eLearning online learning platform


Our eLearning platform is a centralized platform packed full of training videos and learning materials for colleagues across APAC. Resources include courses on leadership, technology, customer service, project management, professional skills and more, with over 165 videos recorded in-house by ICD in English and Chinese.


Within this library, there is a wide range of training videos for all the key systems ICD installs and services, all available on-demand for engineers to access on their own time. In the past year alone, engineers completed over 4,250 hours of technical training videos on our eLearning platform, making up over 70% of all online training in 2020.

eLearning learning platform interface
eLearning learning platform interface



Hands-on technical training


Hands-on training is critical for mastering any technology. Hands-on training, led by our full-time internal technical trainers or SSEs, is therefore arranged in allocated training rooms in each office. Engineers are also encouraged to participate in external technical training courses led by our technology partners.


Hands-on training



Technical Competence Assessment (TCA)


Launched in 2020, our TCA program is ICD’s own set of technical certifications to track and assess engineers’ technical abilities on the core range of systems and technologies we deploy. Standardized and centrally managed written and hands-on assessments are carried out every month across APAC, open to any engineers who want to take part. Technical training platforms and demo kits have been set up across China, India and Singapore for engineers to train, practice and be assessed on key security technologies. 


Hardware demo kits
Hardware demo kits
Preparing for the TVA exam
Preparing for the TVA exam


With extensive materials on our eLearning platform, as well as the chance to attend training and practice in our training rooms, engineers have a full range of training resources available to prepare for the TCA exam. Moreover, the convenient and flexible format enables them to adapt their training schedule to fit their busy schedule.


Technical training videos
Technical training videos


In 2020, over 130 TCA certificates were presented to engineers who passed the challenging exams. This initiative not only motivates engineers to continuously learn and improve, but also increases ICD’s over all professionalism and ability to deliver outstanding service. Moreover, these certifications contribute towards ICD’s career development plan for engineers, enabling engineers to progress in their career to new roles and responsibilities.


We always have a passion for professionalism

                                                                                     – ICD’s core value #2


In addition to training and career development programs for engineers, we also have technical training for sales. Stay tuned to find out more!

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