Sales Engineer-Bangalore

General description:

The position of Sales Engineer is responsible for providing technical support to the sales team

As a security expert and consultant, it is also responsible for choosing security products and system as well as security designing. It provides the solutions to the system and also answers clients’ questions.


Main Responsibilities:

·         To be the dedicated system consultant in security consulting project, it is required to provide qualified and accurate technical supports to the system design and the tender proposal for the sales department.

·         Research and recommend the products subject to client’s needs; Support sales to choose the best product which could fulfill good performance with reasonable cost so as to enhance our competitiveness.

·         Verify System design (system overview, function list and system diagram) and check the quotation from technical point of view to ensure the accuracy of the quotation.

·         Meeting the client with the account manager to learn about the client's functional requests, mainly in taking care of the technical questions to be raised by the client; Present product and system demo to client with Sales team.

·         Assist and support Sales Department to achieve the group or individual revenue and profit targets.

·         Provide the technical Training to the sales department and the technical support to other departments.


·         Bachelor degree. Major in Electronic, Computer Science or Automation, etc.

·         Over 3 years working experiences in the security industry or other related business, good knowledge with access control system, CCTV and Intrusion system products.

·         At least 2 years’ real sales support working experiences; The Knowledge of security products, systems and design is an advantage.

·         Experienced knowledge of Electronic, Automation and Computer Science with software and hard ware, Operation skill of database and network or other IT skills.

·         Good communication and coordination skills.

·         Excellent analysis capability and fast learning capability are required.

·         Client orientation.

·         Good team work.