A special notice to all clients in Greater China

Keep fighting Wuhan! Keep fighting China!
Keep fighting Wuhan! Keep fighting China!

Amid the current coronavirus outbreak in China, ICD's Vice President of Greater China, Heidi Ran, has written a letter to all clients in China, as below:


在新冠肺炎疫情爆发的当下,ICD大中华区副总裁Heidi Ran致所有在华ICD客户的一封信:



The letter reads:


Dear ICD Customer,


2020 is certainly set to be an unusual year.


The sudden epidemic affects each one of us in our heart as we all go through this unprecedented test.


However, no matter when or where we are, our upmost responsibility at ICD is to provide professional services. We are always with you. In the current epidemic situation, we have an additional responsibility and concern for the health and safety of our colleagues and customers. In order to protect the health and safety of each of our colleagues and to assure our customers, we have established a health and safety file for each of our colleagues where we record their daily temperature and health status. We are providing a full set of protective equipment for all of our colleagues, and we ensure that anyone who visit a customer site will have completed a 14-day period of medical observation in their place of work and residence. In addition, when providing services to customers, our colleagues will wear a mask at all times, as well as protective glasses and gloves according to working conditions.


While providing you with professional security services, we will also do our best to maintain your health and safety. This is our absolute responsibility. We would like to express our gratitude to all customers for your support and trust. Thank you for your trust in our services, and for your tolerance in this unusual period. Your support gives us greater confidence and renewed enthusiasm to improve our efforts to provide you with the best service. Let us work together to fight the epidemic. "Those who have the same desire win!”


The epidemic will just be one episode in the year of 2020. Love and hope spread faster. I believe we will have new prosperity and progress soon.


Yours Sincerely,


Heidi Ran

Vice President of Greater China












为您提供专业的安防服务的同时,我们也尽我们最大的努力维护您的健康安全。这是我们义不容辞的责任和担当。我们要向所有支持和信赖我们的客户道一声感谢,感谢您对我们服务的信赖、感谢您在这个非常时期对我们的包容。有了您的支持,我们会更有信心、加倍努力为您提供最好的服务。让我们同舟共济、共同抗疫。“上下同欲者胜; 风雨同舟者兴”。





大中华区副总裁 Heidi Ran,