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Our Advanced Solutions team provide practical solutions to real challenges faced by our clients.


A manufacturing client with thousands of cardholders and hundreds card readers recently shared that they were struggling to track how many staff were on their sites at a given time. This presented the client with real risk of inability to effectively evacuate staff or track staff location in the case of a safety incident.


Our team therefore developed a duty management solution to overcome their challenge.


 How does the solution work?

  • Staff swipe in and out of the site or working area with their access control card, the data is logged in the client's access control system
  • This data is downloaded from the server and visible on the duty management dashboard


  • View real-time statistics of the number of staff within a working area or on a site
  • Staff automatically grouped by department for easy management
  • Set up a Duty Officer and multiple emergency contacts so that the highest level person onsite is automatically notified if an incident occurs



  • Aid smooth evacuation in the case of a fire or incident, and identify where missing staff are
  • Check how many people are inside a building and who they are
  • Efficiently manage staff and people flow

 Common applications

  • Factories and other large sites
  • High risk sites such as labs and chemicals facilities
  • Construction sites with a large number of people and constant people flow

Our advanced solutions are specialized, customized solutions which help solve unique security and business challenges with the goal of enhancing safety, increasing security, improving operational efficiency and maximizing ROI.


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