Committed to Making a Difference

On 15th October, Mr Sun Zhongkai, Executive Director of Beijing Star & Rain Education Institute for Autism (hereinafter called "Star & Rain"), visited the ICD Beijing office with his colleague Ms Li Xiang to express their appreciation of ICD's support over the years.


Mr. Sun commented that ICD understands their true needs and helps them solve  real challenges faced by the institute. He was moved by our strong commitment and dedication reflected by our ICD Greenlight charity activities. 


During the dicussions, Tony Wang, CEO, ICD, expressed his concerns about the current situation and future plans at Star & Rain, including their online educaiton system. We demostrated our online elearning system (part of ICD University) to Mr Sun and Ms Li, with a committment to help Star & Rain implement a similar system if required. Moreover, ICD offered our offices across China for the institute to host lectures and training sessions to assist Star & Rain in their China-wide expansion.


At ICD, we believe that by working together, we can achieve greater success in our efforts to help others.


Greenlight means go: together we can make a bigger difference! "



At the end of the meeting, Mr Sun and Ms Li were taken around the office and shown our pantry drink charity initiative which supports education for students in need. Mr. Sun was deeply inpired by the visit and both he and ICD agreed to continue to work together, learn more from each other and make progress together.



  • Since our first visit to Star & Rain in 2014, ICD has made many visits to the center to care for the autistic children there.
  • In 2018, ICD installed a security system free of charge to ensure the safety and security of the students at the center.
  • In 2019, ICD helped Star & Rain install a new surveillance system at their newly opened center.


ICD Greenlight is ICD's charity initiative providing colleagues a platform to contribute and activities to give back to the community. 

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