New Technology, New Security, New Experience: ICD's Tianjin Event

ICD Security Solutions recently held a security workshop for industry professionals in the beautiful city of Tianjin, China. With the theme New Technology, New Security & New Experience, the event welcomed clients from different industries, giving them the chance to learn about new technologies and solutions to help build safer, more efficient sites.  


The packed agenda featured new technology sharing from the ICD team and event sponsors Gallagher, case studies and a hands-on tech demo.

New Technology, New Security: Technology Sharing

The technology sharing section of the event covered the following topics:

  • Applying AI and deep learning in security
  • Applying video analytics technology in facial recognition and video synopsis
  • 'Smart’ security solutions, such as smart patrol, perimeter protection, anti-tailing, access control, and asset protection
  • An introduction to Gallagher's latest security technology, such as handheld readers, perimeter protection, multi-system linkage control, and random extraction

New Experience: ICD Premium Services

ICD's Premium Services team then took to the stage to discuss new solutions and services which solve unique business challenges and increase operational efficiency and ROI:

  • ICD Advanced Solutions and real case applications, such as time attendance solutions, ICD's visitor management system, data bridge solutions, multiple mustering system, and ICD's shuttle bus solution
  • An introduction to our iSOC (ICD Service Operations Center) services, including hosting services, System Healthwatch and a demonstration for how to set an alarm based on video analytics

The event not only educated attendees about the latest solutions in the industry, but it also gave participants the chance to meet and network with other security professionals based in Tianjin. 


We look forward to meeting more end-users at the next solutions afternoon!

To find out more about any of the above topics or solutions, or if you are interested in attending the next event near you, contact us at

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