Identify faulty systems, hidden risks and inefficiencies with a site audit

At ICD, we believe in taking a proactive approach to security. From the solutions deployed, to the way systems are managed and maintained, a proactive approach will help you keep your site safer and more secure whilst saving you time and money.   


Carrying out a site audit is a proactive way to identify existing or potential problems with your security systems and to highlight practical solutions which will reduce riskcut costs and increase operational efficiency.

How could you benefit from a site audit?

  • Identify risks and prevent a security incident which could be difficult, time consuming and costly to resolve
  • Find the root cause of security breaches or issues on your site
  • Discover outdated, failing or inefficient systems and practices which could be costing you thousands of USD a year
  • Implement effective systems and procedures that could significantly reduce your annual maintenance costs

How do we conduct a site audit?

At ICD, our site audits follow these steps: 

  1. Definition of the objectives and scope of the site audit
  2. Site audit carried out by competent consultants: a thorough check of security system and security management practices, record of the findings
  3. Customized site audit report (multilingual reports available)
  4. Review and summary: questions answered and advice given for improved systems and security management 

With over 40 locations in APAC, we can carry out site audits across multiple sites in the region to a consistent standard and within a short lead time.

Why ICD?

Rich experience

ICD has been designing and installing security systems across different sites and industries in APAC for over 20 years. Our professionals therefore have a wealth of experience and invaluable insight into the security-related challenges frequently faced by multinational companies operating in this region. 

Systems integration background

Our security consulting services are based on years of practical experience. Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of a broad range of security technologies, effective integration and security managers' the key concerns.

Local expertise

We are familiar with the local security regulations in the countries we operate in, and are committed to adhering to clients' local and global security standards. Knowledge of local customs and events can also help identify potential risks and security challenges.