How to Secure Your Data Center

The number of data centers worldwide is increasing at a rapid rate as both corporations and individuals generate more data than ever before. 


However, the large amount of critical information stored in a data center makes them popular targets for security breaches. It is therefore integral to implement a comprehensiveintegrated and stable security solution in order to deter intrusion, minimize risk, and enable fast response in the case of an incident. 


We consulted with ICD's solution managers to understand the best security approach and specialized solutions to secure a data center.

6 Layers of Data Center Security

Layer 1: Perimeter Defense

Establish a physical boundary at the property edge to deter external threats.


Layer 2: Clear Zone

Create a buffer zone between the perimeter and the facility to better detect physical intrusion.


Layer 3: Reception Area

Control visitors to the facility and validate authorized access to the data center.


Layer 4: Service Corridor

Validate access rights of authorized individuals into specific areas within the building.


Layer 5: Data Room

Implement high-security electronics to prevent general personnel or intruders from accessing sensitive areas.


Layer 6: Data Cabinet


Establish protection of the sensitive electronics that contain critical data.

Data Center Focused Advanced Solutions

Key and Locker

Management Solution

Secure, manage and audit the use of keys or access to devices and lockers across your site via an intelligent key and equipment management system.

Visitor Management


Implement an efficient and secure visitor management solution to process, track and analyze visitors onsite and minimize risk from unwanted personnel. 


Rack Environment


Effectively monitor conditions within your server racks, including temperature, humidity, and even if a rack door is open or closed.

Real Time Location



Adopt RFID technology to track personnel and assets in real time within your data center and alert you of suspicious activity or provide data in the case of an incident. 

Thermal Imaging for

Fire Detection

Adopt thermal imaging technology to alert personnel immediately of early fire detection or if wires or equipment are overheating. Act fast and minimize impact. 

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