Convenient and Secure: facial recognition enabled visitor management

Over the last few years, we have seen an increased need for an effective, automated and secure solution for clients to manage visitors at their sites. Previously adopted methods, whereby staff manually record visitors, are seen as labor-intensive, inaccurate and can expose a company to greater risk from visitors who are not properly registered or monitored onsite.


Since launching our visitor management solution, ICD Visitor, in late 2016, we have helped various clients implement our integrated, customizable solution at sites across the region. With ICD Visitor, clients enjoy a solution which is secure, efficient and supports data analysis and reporting.


Due to an initial client requirement, we have also implemented several visitor management solutions which integrate facial recognition technology for improved security and fast onsite registration. 

Facial Recognition Integrated Visitor Management

For a facial recognition enabled visitor management solution (VMS), when an employee pre-registers their visitor they must upload a photo of them. If they do not upload a photo, the VMS will automatically send a text message to the visitor with a link to upload their photo. Only once their photo has been uploaded is the pre-registration complete. When the visitor arrives at the client’s site, they can sign in via facial recognition at the VMS kiosk and receive their visitor badge.

Restrict Visitor Site Access

By integrating the VMS with the client’s access control system, when an employee pre-registers a visitor, they can set specific areas within the site to grant the visitor access to. This helps the client effectively restrict visitor access to any sensitive or high risk areas. When the visitor has successfully signed in and printed their visitor label, the VMS will automatically grant them access the permitted areas via the access control system. Visitors can then enter the permitted zones within the site directly using facial recognition. 

Other Features

  • A fully digital and automated pre-registration process and onsite sign in
  • Access to visitor reports and data analysis
  • Ability to restrict visitor pre-registration to authorized staff members only, or limit the number of visitors an employee can have in one day for better visitor control
  • Create a visitor blacklist for suspicious or unwanted visitors
  • Other customizable features to meet specific client requirements

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