Smart Buildings and Security – ICD’s Hong Wang provides insights


Two prominent Chinese industry journals, “Basic Construction" and "Protection Engineering", recently features articles on smart building management written by ICD’s North China Operations Manager, Hong Wang. The articles explore the importance of intelligent monitoring solutions in smart buildings and how smart buildings can best collect and integrate data from multiple sources for improved building management. 



“When working with intelligent ELV systems, it is necessary to carry out detailed planning, be fully aware of the systems involved and adopt the latest IT systems available. Only then can the building become ‘intelligent’ and enjoy smart building features,” notes Wang. 


Wang went on to explain that smart buildings use an integrated wiring system which connects data from a range of equipment across the building enabling systems to work together for more efficient building management and a more comfortable environment for occupants. 


By integrating security systems into smart building systems, data analysis can show how access control, video surveillance and alarm systems operate in relation to other ELV systems, and systems can be programmed to work in relation to each other. Such results can aid decision makers to adjust systems for improved operational efficiency, enhanced occupant experience and reduced costs.


In addition to traditional security systems, Advanced Solutions, such as visitor management solutions, time and attendance solutions and even toilet or desk occupancy solutions, can also be integrated in a smart building. In the context of the current ‘Internet Plus’ trend in China, cloud-based security solutions are gradually being implemented and integrated with smart buildings to help end users enhance building functionality and convenience, ultimately achieving maximum return on investment. 


Wang Hong joined ICD in 2004 and has worked in various roles from PM to System Department Manager before taking on the role of Operations Manager, North China. True to his engineering background, Wang enjoys learning about new technologies and solutions which can add value to clients. 

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