Tips from our iSOC: a quick security checklist for before you leave your site

It's the end of the day and time to leave the office, but before you leave, it's your responsibility to ensure the security systems are in check. But what if you're unable to arm the alarms, or you're not sure which systems to check?


Don't worry! Our iSOC team has a simple checklist for you to ensure your site is safe and secure before you leave for the day.



Our quick security checklist

  1. Check that all doors and windows are closed
  2. Check that all cameras are displaying real-time video streams
  3. Arm the site's alarm system 


What if you are unable to arm the alarm system?


Follow these steps:

  1. Identify which zone in the alarm system is causing the problem
  2. Check if the alarm devices in that zone are working properly or not
  3. If the alarm system still doesn't work, set up a bypass
  4. Arm the site's alarm system again excluding the bypassed area. 
  5. Call the ICD 24/7 hotline on (+86) 4000 021 051 to notify us of the problem so that we can send an engineer to investigate further.


Please note that if you set up a bypass, the bypassed zone won't be protected, so we do not recommend this is done for critical areas such as with a safe or vault. 



If you have any problems with the above systems, our customer service team is only a phone call away! Contact us on

 (+86) 4000 021 051.