Inspiring transformation through action


Colleagues from the ICD India team recently took part in an inspiring workshop entitled Transformation in Action, led by motivational speaker Rahul Kapoor. The full day training was one of four sessions in part of a year long program for members of the ICD India team.


This session gave participants an insight into their personality, advice on how to make better decisions and explored effective ways of working with others for the best results. The interactive session included brainstorming and encouraged participation throughout including sharing personal and professional goals with the team. Moreover, the training inspired participants how to break old patterns, explore next steps and ultimately transform their ways of living and working.


Well received by the team, colleagues commented that their key takeaways were:


"Self improvement, team work, putting in the right efforts to achieve"


"Health is everything; self commitment is important; do your work with joy - what you give is what you get."



At ICD, continuous learning and self-improvement are part of our core values. We organize a variety of professional, technical and leadership training for our teams across APAC every year.


In 2018, a total of over 15,000 hours of training were completed by ICD colleagues across the region, an average of 43 hours per person!