Tips from our iSOC: is your lock really broken?

“Our door won't lock! How can we fix it?!”



Have you ever had the problem that your door just won't lock properly? If this happens, what should you do? 


Check the position of the door


Your door might not lock because the position of the door is not correct. So it's important to check this first - follow the instructions below and listen out for if your lock still activates or not!


  • Magnetic lock door: swing the door a few times, close it and see if the magnetic lock activates or not


  • Electric bolt lock door: swing the door and help it to close, then check if the bolt slides into the lock hole or not



Your door locks!


If your door locks after the above step, then lock isn't broken, it's a problem with the door hinge.


In this case, you should contact your office's property management company or decoration company and ask them to come and adjust the door hinge so that the door position is correct and the lock can work normally again.



floor hinge

door closer

Your door still won't lock!


If your door still won't lock, it's clear there is a problem with the lock component. This means you'll need assistance from our customer service team to fix it.  


Call us on (+86) 4000 021 051 at any time and we'll arrange one of our engineers to come to your site and fix the problem.