Advanced Solutions & Integration: ICD's Dalian Security Workshop

Last week, ICD held a small-scale security workshop for industry professionals in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, China. With the theme Advanced Solutions & Integration, the event welcomed 20 security managers from various industries, giving them the chance to learn about new technologies and solutions to help build a safer, more efficient site.


The event was held in Dalian’s famous Castle Hotel, a magnificent castle themed hotel overlooking Heishi Bay.

The Castle Hotel, Dalian

ICD and event sponsors Bosch Security Systems put together a packed agenda to introduce new technologies, case studies and a tech demo. The sessions included:


Technology Sharing – ‘smart’ technologies and their application 


  • Applying AI in finance, medicine, education, life and security


  • Applying facial recognition technology in security


  • 'Smart’ security solutions, such as anti-tailing, conference booking systems, smart parking, smart patrol, people flow analysis, and smart key management and locker solutions.



ICD Advanced Solutions and real-case applications



  • ICD’s shuttle bus solution


  • Time & attendance solutions


  • Cardholder management solutions


  • ICD customized software development


Bosch Security Systems also introduced some of their latest security technology as well as several case studies of major applications, such as the application of video data mining, video fire and smoke detection solutions, and Bosch cloud-based services. 

With a large number of solutions and new concepts introduced during the event, as well as a technical Q&A session, coffee break, and networking, it was a lively afternoon with much discussion and interaction. The event not only served as a learning opportunity for attendees, but also give participants the chance to meet and network with other security professionals based in Dalian.  

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