What is Convergint Social Responsibility Day?

June 7th was the 18th Annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day, a day when Convergint colleagues around the globe give their time, expertise and resources by volunteering in their local communities. 

This year included more than 3,100 colleagues volunteering across 80 local communities to help 72 charitable organizations and 18 local schools in need of security upgrades. 

Swipe below for some photo highlights of activities across Convergint!

Convergint teams provided assistance at various organizations such as homeless shelters, food banks, public parks, flood recovery initiatives, animal organizations, and groups for the developmentally challenged. 

In addition, security equipment was donated to various schools as part of efforts to step up school security.

How did ICD, a Convergint Technologies company, contribute?

ICD Greenlight, our charity initiative, also carried out activities across China as colleagues devoted time out of their working day to help various local community organizations.


Volunteers from the Shanghai team visited Shanghai Beyond Austism school where colleagues spent time accompanying the children in the class, drawing, singing and playing games. ICD engineers also inspected and repaired surveillance cameras to ensure the children are safe and that parents can see their kid's progress in class.

The Shanghai office also organized a museum tour together with the intellectually-challenged students from the Sunshine House. By visiting the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, we helped the students to learn more about science and enjoyed looking at the displays.



ICD Beijing also showed support for autistic children by visiting Star & Rain Education Center where they learnt more about autism and took care of the children there. The team will donate cameras to the center to help build a safer and happier environment for the children.

Volunteers from ICD Beijing also went to Sunvillage, an organization which takes care of children who were left behind by their parents without any money or education. The team contributed by donating various of household items, making dumpings for the children, and helping out in the garden. 


The ICD West China team made a visit to the Sichuan Qiming Animal Protection Center in Chengdu to help take care of the animals, clean the facility and inspect and repair the center's monitoring equipment.

One of the principles of ICD Greenlight is that by working together, individuals can achieve even greater success in their efforts to help others


Through charitable activities like these and others held in SinaporeIndia and beyond, we will continue togive back to our community and make a positively impact on other people's lives. 

Stay tuned for more charity initiatives in 2019!