Five solutions for school safety


ICD recently took part in an education focused event in Shanghai, giving our team the chance to learn more about the specific safety and security challenges faced by educational institutions.



Of course, ‘traditional’ security solutions such as access control, video surveillance and alarms can dramatically improve student safety and campus security, but what other advanced solutions are there that can reduce risk, improve response time or add value in another way?


Below we introduce five solutions for improved safety in schools.


Visitor Management Solutions


Increase security and reduce risk from unwanted visitors by deploying an electronic visitor management solution. This solution no only speeds up and automizes onsite registration, identification verification and campus access, but also ensures all visitor records are accurate and digitalized.


Body Temperature Detection


Use highly accurate thermal imaging technology to identify students with high body temperatures, enabling early discoveryearly treatment and reduced risk of infecting other students. Additional features include notification to parents through the system’s app. 

School Bus Tracking


Ensure student safety to and from school with a solution that tracks vehicle and student location in real time, generates alerts, reports and messages, and provides data about vehicle route, speed and student whereabouts.

One Card Campus


Deploy a one card solution across your campus for access control, canteen payment, attendance tracking and more making facilities and processes more convenient, efficient and safer.


Swimming Pool Safety


Quickly and accurately identify drowning or struggling incidents in school swimming pools to facilitate fast response and prevent accidents.





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