iSOC – what does it stand for?


At ICD we are committed to being our customers’ best service provider.


So, how do we achieve this in our maintenance services


Through our processestools and - most importantly - our colleagues.



Dedicated personnel, standardized processes


Our ICD Service Operations Center in Shanghai, is our centralized location for dealing with clients’ day to day service requests. Dedicated, trained specialists receive service calls, provide technical support and deploy engineers to client sites to resolve troubleshooting issues.

To ensure service quality, our engineers follow standardized procedures and adhere to strict timelines for all service calls. 


Engineers complete case reports on a tablet via our electronic log file (e-log) which facilitates fast and efficient follow up after maintenance services are provided. 

Our maintenance services include: 



  • 24-hour multi-lingual support for system failure


  • Guaranteed response time on normal and emergency service calls


  • Stock of readily available spare parts means minimal system downtime


  • Routine Preventative Maintenance (RPM) visits for proactive system maintenance


  • All service information and reports logged in a centralized platform, NetSuite


  • System analysis and customized reports for sites across APAC


  • Client NetSuite account to track service cases and history

So what does iSOC stand for? 


The name is an acronym for ‘ICD Service Operations Center’, but in reality, iSOC means much more than that. 


Our iSOC ensures we provide an outstanding customer experience and the best response and support for all system maintenance issues.





For any maintenance support questions contact us on or check out the next article for more details on how to make a service call.